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We have teamed up with Flexitime to offer a payroll solution for our clients in an area which we do not specialise.

Why? Well, we choose to specialise in our own areas and, where possible, collaborate with other specialists for other services.  That way our clients get great specialist services at a great price.

The pricing page is fairly transparent and outlines their different services and costs.

Should you wish to have a go then contact us for our promo code before starting the free trial and you will get an extra month free at the expiry of the trial – effectively giving you 2 months free use if you subscribe.

If you are currently using other payroll software then take a look at the free MYOB and ACE conversion guides.  If you’d rather have someone do this for you, or you currently use a different payroll system, then contact Flexitime support and they can help you.

In the interests of full disclosure:

We get a small kick back once our clients have used the service for a while but this has not been our motivation for partnering up (other providers offered far greater incentives to us to promote them).  Rather we have chosen Flexitime so that our clients get the best level of service and support in this specialist area at a fair price.

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