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Business Planning

“Business Planning really helped me realise what my business can achieve. We were able to set realistic KPI’s and I was excited about reaching these. The session pushed me past where I wanted to go and made me focus on what we do and why we do it. I would recommend Business Planning for all businesses wanting to succeed.” – Belinda Willis, Geosync


“Before our Business Planning session, I felt we needed to focus and proritise things within the business. We also needed to start creating goals, so we were able to grow the business which we were able to do during the session. Having this lead to an improvement in team culture, creation of systems with measurable results, along with a clear focus and direction. I really enjoyed being able to discuss and share ideas, worries and issues openly to reach the desired result. I would recommend that every business have a working business plan as part of their foundation. Andrew is a great listener, non-judging and someone who can bring everything into perspective. I liked his focus and creative thinking.” – Katie Vogl, Geosync


“The biggest problem we were facing was our lack of direction, and not being able to clearly define our vision. I actually ended up terminating one business deal when it became clear that the business didn’t fit in with my goals or where I wanted to head. I left with a clear path of where I want to head, and a better understanding of what I needed to do to get there. I enjoyed the collaborative approach to the session and would recommend all businesses undertake this session.” – Jon


“I really enjoyed the Business Planning session, the style it was delivered in and how it was straight to the point. We were able to gain a better understanding of where our business is currently at, and where we want to be. It created alignment and expectations between the company directors, and allowed us to set KPI’s with forward thinking and not getting bogged down. I would definitely encourage any other business owners to look at getting a facilitated planning session to support this.” – Matt Parkinson, Wai Comply


“By creating the Business Plan with Andrew, we were able to get clarity with our ideas, and it allowed us to consolidate them. We were able to narrow our focus and perfect our company’s philosophy. The plan itself is in a very simple format allowing us to make the steps needed to succeed. By the end of the session we had clarity of our ideas, a plan to move forward, and were able to identify what the key tasks we needed to action. We would recommend Business Planning as we got a lot of value from it.” – Nikki and Hemi Coates, Eat a Rainbow


Like anything you have never done before, I was a but unsure about Business Planning. Once the session started, I quickly realised their was nothing to worry about. I really enjoyed the one on one session, and was able to talk openly about my business. I would highly recommend business planning as it allowed me to set achievable goals that I can measure my success against, and this helped me see where my future is heading. – Dave Matthews, Taranaki Relocation Specialists

Succession Planning

“Planning for your future and making sure you have things in place for when you want to sell your business can be an important but difficult step to take. Together with Andrew we were able to create a plan with goals and clarity, realising what was required of us to make sure we were able to get value for the hard work we have put into our business. The session gave me clear direction and confidence in our business as I plan for my future.” – Victoria Hansen, Toucan Taranaki


“When I started Succession Planning, I really wanted to become clear about what I wanted from the business but found this would regularly change. I was a bit apprehensive before the session as there were a lot of what ifs and I was unsure what would happen. By having this session with Andrew, I was able to come to a decision I was happy with and look at things positively. I am pleased we have the plan now as it gave us answers and a plan for the future. I would recommend it for every business as planning for the future is essential.” – Andrea Cooper, Toucan Taranaki


Quarterly Coaching

“After creating our Business Plan with Andrew we began to achieve amazing success. During this time, however, we began to feel lost as we weren’t 100% sure what steps we needed to take next to keep moving forward. This is where our Quarterly Coaching session came into play. Together with Andrew we were able to figure out what we needed to do and we set new, measurable goals to achieve this. We went from feeling overwhelmed to being able to take action ensuring we succeed. It has had a massive impact for us.” – Olivier Perkins, Battle Kiwi


After the Business Planning session I was ready to get started. However as time goes on it can become harder to keep on track. Having the Quarterly Coaching session allowed me to remain focused, achieve my goals and create new ideas to work with. I enjoy the way I have the opportunity to discuss things I am concerned about though a thoroughly planned session with an agenda. I have benefited from an increase of knowledge, confidence when making decisions and been able to turn subjective thinking into objective thinking. I would absolutely recommend Quarterly Coaching – it sets a number of measurable targets as well as gives a sounding board for future ideas. It documents a planned process that requires commitment and creates accountability. – Dave Matthews, Taranaki Relocation Specialists 


Purchasing a Business

“I was looking at buying a business which looked like a great opportunity. It was in an excellent location with lots of foot traffic, has a good reputation and is often very busy. I came to see Andrew to discuss this opportunity and see if there was anything to be wary of. Once Andrew began to dig deeper into the businesses numbers it became obvious it was worth nowhere near what they were asking. In fact, the more Andrew looked into it the clearer it became that important information was missing and other issues were disguised within the numbers. It became clear that this business was not what I thought it was and it didn’t align with the goals I have for my life and business. By taking the time to review the purchase with Andrew I saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by not buying a business that could have easily turned my dream into a nightmare. With Andrew’s help I have since been able to purchase a business which fits in with my lifestyle goals and will help me reach my desired outcome.” – Jon


Accounting Services

“We feel very comfortable asking questions and are not made to feel silly. We were initially very hesitant about changing accounting y stems, but Xero has been really easy to convert to and the reports are clear and presented in an extremely user-friendly way. Although we felt awkward closing our business with our long-term accountant it has been the best business decision we have made in the last five years.” – Victoria Hansen, Toucan Taranaki


“We are extremely pleased we made the decision to change to More CA. With Andrew’s help, our business has grown, and Andrew makes us feel like he really cares about our business, and we’re not just another client.” – Deborah Kelly, Pack Centre


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