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Buying a business is exciting… and stressful. How do you know your new venture is a risk worth taking? We all know people who’ve put their hearts and hard-earned money into a new business when perhaps it would have been better to hold back.

More CA can help you decide whether you’re making a sound investment or whether you should wait for a better opportunity.


If you’re thinking of buying a business, make an appointment to see us. You’ll be able to talk through your investment in a safe, supportive environment where confidentiality is guaranteed. Andrew will take a look through the business’s recent financial reports and other business-related information, and dig deep into the numbers to see if they really do stack up.


We can also:

* Check that all the necessary questions have been asked

* Look at the financial records to ensure everything is correct and there are no obvious omissions

* Ensure the business fits in with your needs, financial situation and lifestyle

* Help you understand how values are calculated for small businesses

* Make sure you’re paying what the business is worth

* Help you see beyond the numbers and ensure that what you believe you are buying is what you are actually buying

Laying the groundwork beforehand will save a lot of potential heartache down the line.

If you’re looking at buying a business, make sure you call More CA first.



“I was looking at buying a business which looked like a great opportunity. It was in an excellent location with lots of foot traffic, has a good reputation and is often very busy. I came to see Andrew to discuss this opportunity and see if there was anything to be wary of. Once Andrew began to dig deeper into the businesses numbers it became obvious it was worth nowhere near what they were asking. In fact, the more Andrew looked into it the clearer it became that important information was missing and other issues were disguised within the numbers. It became clear that this business was not what I thought it was and it didn’t align with the goals I have for my life and business. By taking the time to review the purchase with Andrew I saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by not buying a business that could have easily turned my dream into a nightmare. With Andrew’s help I have since been able to purchase a business which fits in with my lifestyle goals and will help me reach my desired outcome.” – Jon

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