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Your business may be a big part of your life right now, but eventually you may want move on to different things. There are many things to consider when contemplating a Succession Plan for your business. More CA will guide you through all the key stages of the process by creating a strategy to deliver your plans to get the maximum value from your business and provide for your future.


The More CA Succession Planning course will help you to:

* Determine what you want from your business

* Stimulate strategic discussion around ‘what if’ scenarios

* Clarify your succession process

* Define tasks and actions to get the best result

* Prioritise key goals and milestones

* Achieve alignment amongst owners / family members

* Communicate your Succession Plan with family and other key stakeholders


During one half-day session you’ll meet with Andrew and, together, come up with an effective succession plan that meets your objectives and gives you and everyone involved the best possible outcome.

Before your appointment we’ll ask you to do a bit of pre-work so that we can research and prepare for your session. There’s easy, free street parking and light refreshments are included.



“Planning for your future and making sure you have things in place for when you want to sell your business can be an important but difficult step to take. Together with Andrew we were able to create a plan with goals and clarity, realising what was required of us to make sure we were able to get value for the hard work we have put into our business. The session gave me clear direction and confidence in our business as I plan for my future.” – Victoria Hansen


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