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“I think there is a difference between a gamble and a calculated risk”                                              – Edmund H North



Key Benefits of having an accountant involved:

  • Check all the necessary questions have been asked
  • Look at the financial records to ensure everything is correct and there are no obvious omissions
  • Justify the venture and make sure it fits with your needs and situation
  • Help you understand how they calculate values for small businesses
  • Make sure that you are paying what the business is worth
  • Helping you see beyond the numbers and ensure that what you believe you are buying is what you are actually buying


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Case Study:

A local man who was interested in buying a business came to see us as it seemed to be exactly what he was wanting. From the outside it looked like a great purchase as it is in a great location, has great foot traffic and is often packed to the rafters with happy customers.

However, once Andrew dug a little deeper it became apparent that it was not worth as much as was being asked. There were important pieces of information missing and other issues disguised within the numbers.  Once these were added into the equation it became very clear that it was not what the purchaser was wanting at all. He also became aware that this business did not fit within his vision and would not have helped him achieve his life and business goals.

What started out as a dream could have easily become a nightmare.

But with a little time, planning and discussion with More CA an unnecessary burden was easily avoided.



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