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Payroll Stress Relief

Let’s face it, payroll is a specialist area of business which needs support, time and effort to be done right.  Small business owners routinely have little of all of those.

So why not remove the issues altogether and outsource your payroll?

We are an advocate for outsourcing payroll and below we shall look at some alternatives to doing this yourself in Xero.

Let’s start with Xero.

Payroll is an add-on product for Xero so comes at an additional cost.  The advantages of using Xero Payroll is that everything is on the one platform.

However, the original Xero Payroll was particularly clunky and the recent iterations are not without their issues.  Support is somewhat lacking as specialist payroll bureaus tend to have their own proprietary software which they use.

If payroll is another admin headache you simply don’t want then we would always suggest outsourcing this for someone else to be accountable for:-

  • Filing returns
  • Paying Inland Revenue
  • Paying your staff
  • Providing support around those tricky payroll issues.


There are numerous offerings out there from various suppliers and we’ve had good experiences with both Crystal Payroll and FlexiPayroll.  Check out their offerings on the links provided and feel free to touch base with them and ask any questions you have.

However, one which is grabbing our attention of late is Pay Sauce and we are hearing fantastic things from happy customers.  They handle most matters payroll from setup and software to filing and paying.  They also have a support team in Wellington on hand for any crises and a bunch of “how to” videos to help resolve issues and get you setup quickly.

Other providers of payroll software and services can be found on the Xero App Marketplace

If you have chosen to outsource your payroll then please feel free to share your insights and opinions on the advantages and disadvantages.  Please use our contact form to leave feedback.

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