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Get rid of your filing cabinet – store your records online

Does your filing system consists of receipts and invoices stashed in a shoe box, email inbox, mail tray, filing cabinet, work truck, jeans pocket .. ? Sound all too familiar?

Compiling and storing your business files and paperwork can be a time consuming headache and can add up to piles of paper not to mention stress at tax time when your accountant asks you for documents and you can’t track them down!

Cue Files in Xero – an online document storage feature in Xero which allows you to store your paperwork within your Xero file.  Think invoices, receipts, bank statements, loan documents, anything related to your business.

You can upload your documents from your computer using the upload or email feature, or from your phone.  Here’s how:

From your computer:

Click on the “Files” icon in the top right corner


Click on “Upload Files” and browse your computer for the files you would like to upload


Or you can forward an email directly from your inbox using your unique email address that you’ll find here:


Simply paste the email address into your “To” field in your email client, and the file will deliver any attachments directly into your Xero inbox.


Once you have files in your inbox, you can organise them into folders.  Click on “New folder” and create folders as you wish.  Shift your files across to your folders.


From your phone:

You’ll need to download the Xero app for your phone first.  Login to the app, and in the overflow menu in the top right corner click on “Files Inbox”


Then click on “Take photo”


Once you take the photo, it will upload automatically into files.







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