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Core Values are what your business stands for. They’re the foundation that supports your vision and shapes the company’s culture. A business with strong core values is better able to weather economic changes, can develop and grow more effectively, has unified team members working toward the same goal, and can provide customers with a better quality service.

Define your business’s core values with More CA’s Core Values Development workshop.


This session will help you:

* Develop a successful company culture

* Team unity by working together for a common purpose

* Discover what’s important to you, your team, and the company

* Guide your team’s interaction with each other and clients

* Reduce workplace stress and tension and build better working relationships

* Manage day to day operations using your core values as decision-making filters

* Differentiate your company from your competitors

* Use Core Values as a recruitment and retention tool


This half-day workshop will be facilitated by our impartial business development mentor, Andrew. He’ll guide you and your team, and help you create your core values with definitions, which will form the foundation of your business’s identity and give it a strong direction for the future.

During the session we’ll talk about the science and psychology behind core values, brainstorm ideas, discuss what’s really important to your team and your business, and how to communicate your new vision to other stakeholders.


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