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Effectively managing your business cash flow is crucial to survival and growth. You’ll be able to predict when large outflows are likely to happen, and be better placed to respond quickly to changes in your economic environment. Better cash flow means better business!

More CA offers two types of service that will help you address and overcome any issues you may be experiencing with your business cashflow.


1: Cashflow Forecast. Our financial expert will help prepare an in-depth cashflow forecast. You’ll also have a one-hour review to discuss and finalise the plan. This service is ideal for clients who just need a brief overview of their business.


2: Cashflow Management Coaching. Not only will you receive a cashflow forecast of your business, you’ll also get a three-hour cashflow management coaching session with Andrew. This session will cover:

* Your current cash conversion cycle

* The likely causes of cashflow problems within your business

* Targets for 12-month and 90-day cashflow improvements.


Both sessions will help you improve your relationships with financiers and suppliers, and teach you necessary financial skills for better decision making. You’ll improve your prospects for increased cashflow, profit and business value, and meet your goals in a more managed way.

These sessions have proved to be invaluable for clients who need help managing and improving their business cashflow. And, of course, any worries and stress they may have had have disappeared like magic!


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